Artificial Turf

The team at 78 Sports has more than 20 years experience outfitting facilities across the world with artificial turf. We stock high quality synthetic grass surfaces to meet the needs of all sports and facilities. 

Used Sports Turf | 78 Sports

Indoor Sports Turf

Our artificial turf rolls are perfect for all sports training areas including baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, fitness and any other area your athletes will be running, sliding, diving, or training. 

Baseball and Softball Hitting Tunnels | 78 Sports

Batting cage Turf

Artificial turf is the most reliable and affordable solution for a protective and well-maintained batting cage. With years of experience, the turf experts at 78 Sports can help you find the perfect fit for your batting cage areas. 

Sports Turf for Gyms | 78 Sports


Our specially designed gym turf combines all the advantages of synthetic turf with the added durability of one designed specifically for gym applications.  This surface is the optimal choice for any fitness facility. 

Pet Turf | 78 Sports

Landscape Turf

Artificial turf provides a low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly solution for your green space. Designed to look just like a lush green lawn, but without any of the hassle of watering, mowing or fertilizing.  

Sports Turf | 78 Sports


Gently used turf is a budget friendly option for all usage. 78 Sports carries a wide selection but our inventory changes quickly.  Contact our turf experts to discuss the options that best meet your needs. 

Halo Turf | 78 Sports

HOME Plate Halos

One of the highest traffic areas on the field is near home plate. Our home plate turf halo kits provide extra protection and keep that highly visible area looking great with customized logo and design options. 

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Let our experts at 78 Sports walk you through the process and help you make the best decision for your needs.

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