Field & Facility

When it comes to facilities, there’s a lot more than just the turf. 78 Sports has everything you need to keep your outdoor fields and indoor facilities safe, well-supplied, and looking great. 

Indoor Wall Padding | 78 Sports

Field & Facility Padding

Every indoor sports facility or outdoor complex has areas of concern around walls, fences, or other obstructions. Our padding options can be customized to your exact needs to keep your athletes safe while adding a professional look. 

Gym Divider Curtain Installation | 78 Sports

divider wall systems

Break up any space in your indoor sports facility. Our divider wall and divider curtain systems will help you partition your space into the perfect, custom-sized areas to keep everyone safe and active.

Custom Windscreens | 78 Sports

Custom Windscreens

Give your outdoor facility a fresh look with customized windscreens.  Perfect for any facility including tennis, baseball, softball, lacrosse, field hockey, etc., these screens not only look great but also add privacy and reduce wind.


Sports Benches and Bleachers | 78 Sports


Having the seating is critical to a facility. From player benches and temporary seating to full bleachers, the experts at 78 Sports can help you choose the perfect seating solutions that not only fit your needs, but also work within your budget.

Lacrosse Goals | 78 Sports


Looking for durable, high-quality lacrosse goals for the practice field or game day? 78 Sports carries a complete line of lacrosse goals and netting that is perfect for any indoor sports facility or outdoor field.

Soccer Goals | 78 Sports


78 Sports offers a full line of permanent and portable soccer goals in all sizes. Whether it’s practice goals for your training ground or official match nets, our team of facility experts can ensure you get exactly what you need.


Have questions about the perfect sports netting options for your facility? No problem. Our team of experts is ready to help you through the entire process.

Hitting Mats | 78 Sports


Made in the USA of durable artificial turf, our hitting mats are manufactured to stand up to the toughest conditions.  These mats are available in a wide variety of sizes and are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Bases and Plates | 78 Sports


No baseball or softball facility is complete without bases or plates. 78 Sports carries high-quality, durable products that are sure to stand up to the toughest tests your indoor facility or outdoor field can produce.

Field Tarps and Covers | 78 Sports


Protect your field from the rain or harsh winter weather and keep it looking great.  78 Sports has a full selection of field covers and tarps, including custom branded options, to meet the needs of any facility.

Portable Pitching Mounds | 78 Sports

Pitching mounds

Make any field or facility game-ready within minutes. Whether you need a portable pitching mound for youth baseball practice, a professional facility, or anything in between – we have the perfect pitching mound solution for you. 

Baseball Hitting Tunnel | 78 Sports

Protective screen & Nets

Keeping your players safe requires the right equipment.  Premium L-Screens, field screens, and protective netting systems from 78 Sports provides you the perfect solution for any indoor or outdoor facility.

Pitching Machines | 78 Sports

Pitching Machines

Choosing the right pitching machine can be difficult.  What is right for one team or facility, could be completely wrong for someone else.  Let the industry experts at 78 Sports help you find the right choice for your needs.

Halo Turf | 78 Sports


The area around home plate is not only the most visible but also has the highest traffic of the whole field.  A custom halo turf kit from 78 Sports will keep it protected and looking great for years. (Custom logos available)

Field Maintenance Equipment | 78 Sports


Our team at 78 Sports lives and breathes sports facilities.  We carry a full line of products and tools to groom and maintain your fields. From drag mats and rakes to chalkers and tamps – 78 Sports has everything you need to keep your field looking good.


78 Sports has everything you need to keep your facility looking great. Let’s get started.

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