How virtual cards can enable a remote workforce during and after Covid-19

We are excited to announce Transform LogiQ has recently partnered with DiviPay.

What is DiviPay

DiviPay is an all-in-one automated expense management tool that helps Australian SMEs instantly issue virtual cards, control spending and automate their expense reporting. DiviPay comes with everything you’ll need to streamline and control company spending.

How DiviPay can help your business during and after COVID-19

Instantly issuing cards to staff working from home
COVID-19 has seen merchants stop accepting cash, whilst the idea of having to physically visit a bank branch to get a new company card is increasingly undesirable. Couple this with the fact that the boss’s card can no longer be easily shared around the office and the problem arises of how staff are meant to pay for company expenses. With DiviPay, you can instantly issue a virtual corporate card to each staff member’s phone, preventing the need for reimbursements, eliminating financial stress, staying hygienic and enabling remote work.

Tracking and controlling every dollar spent
With so much uncertainty in the world it is important to stay on top of your business finances and spend conservatively. However, you can’t control spending if you don’t know what your business is spending on first. With a centralised dashboard DiviPay makes it easy to understand exactly who spent what and why and then create rules to control any inefficient spending before it happens.

Quickly cancelling unnecessary direct debits and subscriptions.
Cancelling unnecessary direct debits and SaaS subscriptions is essential at the best of times. The problem is, it takes too long. DiviPay makes this process lightning fast by surfacing any inefficient spending and letting you cancel the associated card in a couple of clicks.

Collecting expense data remotely and optimising GST claims
Chasing staff for receipts and GL codes is even harder without face-to-face contact. Moreover, the pressure to claim back every dollar of GST has never been greater. DiviPay automatically completes your staff member’s expense reports for them and sends timely follow ups if anything is missing.

Transform LogiQ + DiviPay

If you would like to learn more about DiviPay we are happy to provide a more in-depth overview via consultation. As a certified partner we will work with you to assess how DiviPay can best benefit your business, implement the platform and, train and support your staff.

Broderick Smith @brogga
Principal – Transform LogiQ
p: 1800 512 214

Broderick Smith is Principal of Transform LogiQ and Founder of Onetick. Broderick specializes in digital transformation, business process re-engineering and systems thinking to make business more efficient and increase productivity and profitability.



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How virtual cards can enable a remote workforce during and after Covid-19