78 Sports has been a leading supplier of artificial turf fields for nearly 20 years. We offer high quality artificial sports turf for sale that has all the best qualities of grass – just made from synesthetic polyethylene and nylon.

Baseball Artificial Turf | 78 Sports

Indoor Turf

From baseball and softball facilities to full indoor fields to strength & conditioning gyms – our turf is the durable, long-lasting protection your facility needs.

Baseball and Softball Hitting Tunnels | 78 Sports

Batting cage Turf

Part of this is providing high-quality batting cage turf. Our artificial turf is a durable, low-cost option that will extend the life on any batting cage. 

Rubber Flooring for Gyms | 78 Sports


We are the premier artificial turf flooring suppliers with expertise and experience designing, installing, and supplying gym turf and rubber flooring to hundreds of home gyms, CrossFit facilities and sports training facilities.

Landscape Turf | 78 Sports

Landscape Turf

78 Sports has a full line of outdoor landscape turf that is perfect for all areas in need of ground cover. 

Baseball and Softball Hitting Tunnels | 78 Sports

Turf Mats

78 Sports manufactures the highest-quality artificial turf mats for baseball and softball on the market today.

Halo Turf | 78 Sports

HOME Plate Halos

Our turf halos provide a layer of protection for your field, and can add a truly custom look with custom colors, logs and lettering available.

Sports Turf | 78 Sports

ALl Turf

Have an artificial turf project that you are working on? From black turf for gyms and strength and conditioning, to natural looking artificial grass, we’ve got a selection that can’t be beat.

Sports Turf | 78 Sports

Turf ACCesories

Make sure you have everything you need for your artificial turf from 78 Sports. Our turf accessories will keep your turf in top shape.

Sports Turf | 78 Sports

Overstock turf

78 Sports will often have indoor and outdoor turf, carpet-like and grass-like turf, as well as turf with or without padding available on clearance sale. Our overstock artificial grass and turf comes in dozens of styles, qualities, and price points.

Sports Turf Installation | 78 Sports

Used Turf

Looking for used turf or discounted turf? On 78 Sports  gets used turf periodically which you can get for a great discount.